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Tidy Savers Update – August 2016

Posted by on: Thursday, Aug. 4th 2016 11:52 AM

As regular players at Tidy Bingo will know, Tidy is under new ownership now and as such, we need to settle the Tidy Savers promotion and ensure you all get your vouchers that you have saved with us up to and including 31st July 2016.

In total you managed to save £550.25 since November 2015, an impressive amount by all accounts!

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Help For Heroes – Tidy Bingo’s 5th Donation

Posted by on: Wednesday, Aug. 3rd 2016 12:18 PM

On July 5th we made our 5th donation to Help for Heroes, taking the total amount donated at that point to an impressive £2,868.90! As is always the case when we make a donation, we received a letter thanking us just a few days later.

The letter thanks us for the donation and tells of his it is put to use supporting wounded soldiers and their families. If you read on, you will see a scanned copy of the letter.

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Tidy Cupboard – Changes Afoot

Posted by on: Friday, Jul. 1st 2016 12:36 AM

As you will all know, for some time now we have seen a drop in the number of players in the Tidy Cupboard. This has continued for a while now and David and I have made a decision to change things around a little.

Rather than lose the room completely, something we don’t want to do, we’re going to try and revive it. How we plan to do that may sound a little odd but there is a method in our madness. However, it does mean that from 1st August 2016 the Cupboard is only to be open on the 1st Tuesday of every month.

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Loyalty Rewarded At Tidy Bingo

Posted by on: Monday, Apr. 4th 2016 2:47 PM

As regulars at Tidy Bingo will know, the network offers a loyalty reward scheme that sees you earn extra bonuses, cash back etc. as you rise through the ranks. As a little something extra, we’re going to introduce a form of loyalty scheme into the Tidy Cupboard too.

As you will have noticed, player numbers have been dropping of late in the Cupboard and as such, it doesn’t remain viable to keep giving away as many loyalty points as we have been whilst player numbers diminish.

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Tidy Bingo Up For Best Jumpman Gaming Bingo Site

Posted by on: Monday, Apr. 4th 2016 1:23 PM

The Which Bingo Award shortlist has been announced today and once again Tidy Bingo has received a nomination. This year there isn’t a Best Boutique Bingo Site, the category we usually find ourselves in. For 2016, we have been nominated as Best Jumpman Gaming Bingo Site and for the first time since we launched, we’re going to put a bit of effort into winning.

It’s not that we don’t want to win, of course it isn’t, but we are always competing with brands we have bigger budgets and more players so it often feels like we are a non-starter. This year however, only five of the brands under the Jumpman Gaming hat have been nominated so our odds of winning are slightly better!

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Catchphrase Competition – March 2016

Posted by on: Thursday, Feb. 25th 2016 1:29 PM

Can you believe it’s nearly March already? It seems like only yesterday that we were running Christmas competitions and rummaging in Santa’s Sack! Anyway, as the year rolls on, it’s time for another Catchphrase competition and your chance to win a selection of Tidy branded goods, maybe some Help For Heroes bits and bobs and even some bonus funds!

This time we’re going to do things a little differently (not much) and will be sending the competition by internal mail, external mail and posting on Facebook. We’re hoping this gets more people involved and who knows, with enough entries – we might even throw in a few extra prizes!

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Ham And Egg Cups

Posted by on: Sunday, Jan. 24th 2016 5:36 PM

As some of you may know, I’m currently with Slimming World trying to shed a few stone. If you’ve never done this diet before then it’s worth knowing that foods are divided into categories and it is actually the only diet that I have done that I have found really easy to stick to. The only thing that I am not completely comfortable with is the weekly meetings, and whilst I know many get a lot from the meetings – they don’t really do it for me. If any of you guys want to slim along with me – feel free. I lost 6.5lbs in my first week….

That said, I have paid for 10 sessions, so I will do those and then probably just continue alone at home. Anyway, I digress, the reason for this blog post was to share one of the recipes that I made today, one that I really enjoyed and takes hardly any time to make. It’s a free food, so you can eat as many of these as you want.

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Free Jackpot Game – The Outcome

Posted by on: Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 9:50 PM

I thought that I’d sit in the room and watch our biggest every free game take place tonight, the big £1000 jackpot. I wanted to see who were winners, and of course, report the outcome to all the Tidy Bingo players who were otherwise engaged.

In total there were a whopping 4,437 when the game got underway and I was on tenterhooks (as I am sure the players in the room were too).

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£604 Donated To Help For Heroes

Posted by on: Tuesday, Jan. 5th 2016 3:56 PM

Just before Christmas we made our fourth donation to the Help For Heroes charity thanks to the your continued support of the Tidy and the Troops game.

To date we have now donated £2238.75 with a further £49.25 raised since we last donated to this great cause. As always when we make a donation, Help For Heroes send us a letter and if you continue reading you will find a scan of the letter received.

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Thank You, Thank You And Again, Thank You

Posted by on: Tuesday, Dec. 22nd 2015 7:38 PM

There are many things that I love about Tidy and for those of you that know me, you’ll know that it has always been a dream of mine to run my own bingo site. From player, to host, from host to writer and then writer to site owner, it took me ten years to get here but I did.

There have been ups and downs, as our blog readers know, but one of the biggest ups happened this week. Quietly beavering away in my office, the doorbell rings with a delivery…..

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Archive for June, 2014

Another Progressive Jackpot Winner

Sunday, Jun. 29th 2014 10:25 AM

Stalwart fans of Tidy Bingo will know that our progressive jackpot, the exclusive one only found in the Tidy Cupboard, was only added to the site on 20th May. Just a week after it was added player ‘heidi2111’ managed to reel it in and net herself over £80 in prize money by calling bingo in 44 on the number 50.

We thought it might be a little while until we saw another winner but it was just four Tidy Cupboard sessions later that another Tidyer, player xxxBAZINGAxxx got lucky and took home another progressive jackpot prize of over £80!

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This Time Tomorrow, We Will Be Millionaires (Hopefully)!

Tuesday, Jun. 17th 2014 3:39 PM

Tidy Bingo players did not win the big money jackpot for the Euromillions of £109,589,905 on Friday. Spain was the country who netted the big prize and there was just one winner but by this time tomorrow Tidyer’s, hopefully we will be millionaires! Our ticket for the Euromillions draw tonight has been bought and currently, following the rules of the Tidy Millions promotion, there is just one syndicate member and that is us.

Of course we want more syndicate members than that, we want to be able to share our good fortune (presuming the right number combinations come out in the draw) with Tidyers. As usual, to ensure your name is on the syndicate list you simply have to play five games of bingo in the Tidy Cupboard from 7pm until 9pm this evening.

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Mini Games Arrive At Tidy

Wednesday, Jun. 11th 2014 3:27 PM

Tidy Bingo are pleased to announced (not quite as pleased as we would have been to announce mobile play) that we have a new feature available at the site, one that will appeal to those players who love a little reel action on the slots. As of today we are now able to offer you mini games, the ability to play a selection of your favourite slots AND play bingo at the same time.

Not all of the slot games that we offer are available to play in the bingo rooms, just a handful. We’ve had a little play and to be honest, we like them BUT we don’t think they are going to be utilised too much by the players who love a bit of banter in the chat room. Open up a mini game and the chat room is miniscule, certainly not conducive to holding a decent conversation.

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Double Up Tidy Millions

Tuesday, Jun. 3rd 2014 11:25 AM

Tonight is the first official outing of one of our new promotions, the Tidy Millions and we’ve gone a little Euromillions crazy! Who wouldn’t, there’s a £71 million guaranteed jackpot on offer tonight after all. For those of you who haven’t yet checked the promotional page, the offer is really simple. Play at least five games in the Tidy Cupboard tonight before 9pm this evening and you join the Tidy Millions Euromillions syndicate.

Should our numbers come up then you, along with the other qualifying members and Tidy Bingo itself, will take a share of whatever is won. Whether it is £2.60 or £71 million, you will get an equal share. However, we’ve gone one step further this week because Friday boasts an £80 million Superdraw, even if tonight’s jackpot is won – all qualifying players tonight will also be in a syndicate for that draw too!

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